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As the first quarter of the year unfolds, the digital asset arena showcases remarkable performance. Bitcoin emerges as the primary driver, smashing records with a staggering $73,000 peak in March and instilling an optimistic aura throughout the market.




Among the beneficiaries of this upward trend are meme coins, particularly Shiba Inu (SHIB), one of the leading meme coins by market capitalization. SHIB has experienced a significant surge of 170% in March, with its sights set on achieving a price of $0.00009 before the impending halving event.




Forecasts from the digital asset price prediction platform, Changelly, suggest that Shiba Inu could hit this milestone as early as April 19th. Post-halving, Changelly anticipates further growth, projecting a 191% increase to reach $0.00009214 within four days. The upcoming Bitcoin Halving, scheduled for April 20th, looms as a pivotal event with potentially profound repercussions for the digital asset landscape, including SHIB. Changelly speculates that this event could propel SHIB to shed a zero and attain a price of $0.000104 by the end of April.




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