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Prisma Finance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, discloses that approximately $540,000 in funds remains exposed across 14 accounts yet to retract the smart contract linked to last week’s $11.6 million breach. In response, the unidentified hacker, labeling themselves as a “white hat,” stipulates that they will only release the compromised funds upon receiving an apology from Prisma Finance and public disclosure of the team’s identities.




In a recent update on April 1, a core contributor named “Frank” outlines the platform’s plan moving forward, prioritizing the resumption of protocol operations while urging users to secure their wallets and positions.




The breach stemmed from two MigrateTroveZap contracts, intended for transitioning user positions between trove managers, as detailed in a post-mortem report by Prisma Finance, last updated on March 31. Despite efforts, Frank indicates that 14 accounts are yet to retract the compromised smart contract, with five accounts still deemed “at risk,” collectively holding over $500,000 in open trove positions.


Prisma Finance operates as a decentralized borrowing protocol, utilizing Ethereum addresses known as “troves,” facilitating loan transactions for users.


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