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A renowned cryptocurrency analyst, known as ‘Rekt Capital,’ shared insights with his extensive following regarding the potential for Shiba Inu (SHIB) to emulate its 2021 bullish trajectory. Analyzing charts, he pointed out similarities indicating that SHIB might be tracing a pattern reminiscent of its previous bull market cycle.




“In late 2021, SHIB encountered resistance marked by the blue line, experiencing rejection,” Rekt Capital highlighted. “This rejection echoed a previous occurrence where SHIB failed to breach the same resistance on its initial attempt. Notably, the rejection prompted SHIB to revisit the orange support level, subsequently confirming further upward movement. Presently, SHIB appears to be undergoing a similar retest of the orange support. Could this signify a repetition of past trends?” he pondered in a tweet.




The aspiration for SHIB to attain the elusive 1-cent mark resonates deeply with countless investors, representing a pinnacle of financial achievement. Should this milestone be reached, numerous investors stand to realize unprecedented gains, potentially transforming their financial landscapes.



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