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The United States government has reportedly transferred 30,174 Bitcoin, valued at $2.1 billion, which were seized from the Silk Road, to an undisclosed wallet associated with Coinbase. The transfer was noted on Tuesday morning from a wallet identified as owned by the U.S. government.




Although not officially confirmed by the government yet, if verified, this transaction would surpass the previous sale in March 2023, where 9,861 coins were sold for $216 million. This latest transfer is significant given its larger scale.




In late 2022, the U.S. government seized approximately 50,000 bitcoins linked to the Silk Road platform, known for its illicit activities in the digital asset realm, particularly facilitating illegal drug trades and money laundering through Bitcoin. The destination of this morning’s Bitcoin movement is an unidentified wallet, although it has been flagged by the wallet database Arkham Intelligence as associated with the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Confirmation from the U.S. Government is awaited to validate this transaction.



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